Mac question - 27" Retina 5k vs M1 Mini?

My current Mac: 27" Retina 5k / 4.2 Ghz i7 / 64GB Ram / Radeon Pro 580 8GB / Mojave 10.14.6

I’m thinking about getting a Mac Mini for a speed increase. Can anyone confirm how much faster rendering times are?

I have some PAL VHS tapes I need to upscale to either 720p or 1080p for Blu-ray extra inclusion. Each runs around an hour.

Currently I’m finding just a few minutes is taking at least 4 or 5 hours. The estimated times are always way off the actual time taken. Does anybody else find this?

I did a bunch of VHS NTSC upscales to 1920x1440p and with Artemis HQ it goes about .5 FPS

My Pipeline is:

Stage 1 - Capture at 640x480 29.97i Lossless (utvideo)
Stage 2 - Virtualdub - Mask boarder (for vhs noise) , Yadiff deinterlace, adjust colors, then save lossless (utvideo)
Stage 3 - VEAI upscale to either 1280x960p or 1440x1080p save as ProRes 422HQ
Stage 4 - H265 at 21CRF slow preset

My system is a AMD 5800x, 64GB of memory, Geforce 1660ti sc. Your Radeon is about 10% slower so let’s just say they are equal. What FPS are you getting? Maybe it’s faster (and better quality) to deinterlace outside VEAI.

I’m finding I get better results if I import interlaced files and let the software double the frame rate. I’ve tried so many options and settings, there’s no ideal setting for everything that’s VHS sourced. It’s all very much dependent on varying factors of the video you need to upscale.

I would hold on until the M1X comes out later this year or the M2 in early 2022. Reason is, I believe the M1 GPU is not much faster than your Radeon Pro 580 (which is a decent card) and may in fact be slower. I may be wrong, but I don’t think so. Personally, I intend to upgrade my iMac when the M2 version comes out. Currently, I run VEAI in Bootcamp Windows with an Nvidia RTX card in an eGPU.

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I just realized you are still on Mojave. That means you are not using the GPU at all in VEAI because it doesn’t support it in Mojave. You would have to use Catalina or Big Sur, then you would see a big speed improvement on your Mac.


Thanks fot the tip :slight_smile:

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Wow - I’ve just upgraded to BigSur and the speed difference is phenomenal! Thanks again.

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Just a thought - if VEAI can use hardware GPU accelaration on a Mac, can I also apply it to my ffmpeg x264 encoding? That would be very useful indeed.