Mac lengthy install

I received my iMac Pro yesterday, and going through the chore of installing all of the software I will need for it. Entire Adobe Suite? 25 minutes. Microsoft Office 365? 3 minutes. (these are download AND install times). I am running Verizon Gigabit on a screaming new machine. So, why is Topaz Remask Ai taking 55 minutes? Gigapixel is at 47 minutes, and about halfway through. Ridiculous!

Try downloading the full installer and use that.

Most Topaz products should take less than 3 minutes to install but it does depends on network access to servers and throughput by your ISP.

Where do you find the full installer? The download page only has the small (up to 20MB) installers.

Read the Help links on the page, has both there …

Also here on this forum in the product downloads section.

Doh, just noticed it. That will teach me to read a bit more. Thanks.

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