Mac Issues with Sharpen AI

I’m a new customer to the Topaz family of applications, and I’m very satisfied with the results!

I’m quite unhappy, however, with the GUI. I’m on an iMac running macOS 10.15.7, and I’m on the latest version of Sharpen AI (2.2.2). A number of things are very annoying, and I hope you’ll be able to fix them.

  1. The software overwrites the original files without asking. That’s something that should never happen, actually.

  2. … and before you ask: The “Save Options” portion in the preferences does not exist anymore. I saw it early on, but then it disappeared and never came back. Just shows the title with no settings to be changed.

  3. “Save As” from the menu does not do anything at all. Expected behavior from my perspective would be to save a currently selected picture unter a specific name.

  4. If I start to process a number of pictures by clicking apply, and then click “select all” at the top while it is processing, I get an identical progress indicator on two pictures (but it’s actually only processing one).

  5. Speaking of “select all”: I cannot select all pictures by clicking “select all”, which would be my expectation. It does not appear to do anything when not processing.

  6. After the processing is done, the application quits automatically. I think that’s probably not the intended behavior.

  7. Also, if I close pictures, or press “Command-W”, the application quits, or alternatively hangs indefinitely (beachball).

I’m a software developer myself, and all of these look like GUI bugs that should be easy to iron out. I also suggest testing the application a little more thoroughly before release; these should not have made it into a final product. I’m also offering myself for testing, if you’re short in testers for Mac.


It sounds as though you are calling the application as an external editor/plugin, or dragging images from the finder, therefore the Save is actually correct in overwriting the image it is processing and exiting as expected.

If you wish to use the Save As option it ONLY applies to standalone usage.

I am not sure why you would want to do that as it would need to finish the image being processed before you would be able to process the images selected by pressing Save again where it would display the number of images to be saved on the Save button.

Select all works on opened images, they need to be open in the display area.

Thanks for your swift response.

I’m indeed dragging a picture on the standalone Sharpen AI application, and yes, I guess you could call it “default behavior”, but I have to say this is at least unexpected. Correct me if I’m wrong, but what that means is I’ll have to either copy the files I want to process, or I cannot use drag & drop on the application and need to open the files from within the application?

Yes, the application operates in 2 modes which are plugin and standalone. Plug-in takes the input image and processes and updates the input.

Standalone mode allows you to save in a different format etc. So use that mode if you want copies saved.