M1 vs M2 Performance

Are there any performance increases between using Topaz Video AI on a M1 Mac Mini – vs – M2 Mac Mini?

Same RAM - Same Storage. Any change in performance due to the M2 chip?

About 10-20% faster on M2 and more memory will help for sure :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry, but more memory is not necessarily always better for TVAI on Apple Silicon. When upscaling SD on my 32 GB M1 Mac Studio, REDUCING the available memory to the minimum 10% in TVAI increases performance by moving the processing away from the Neural Engine (which Apple gives priority) to the GPU cores which always get the job done significantly faster. If someone has a Mac Studio Ultra with at least 128 GB unified memory then I believe it’s possible that the GPU cores would NEVER be used when upscaling SD because the minimum 10% limit is not low enough to force processing onto the GPU. In other words, having more memory is actually a hindrance in this case! Perhaps someone would be kind enough to verify this.



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