M1 Timeline

Hi Guys,

Before I get started… yes I used the search feature. I’ve been beta testing as well as being a customer of all the products.

I use these on my 2019 Mac Pro 16 core, 384 gig ram etc etc) and all is great with a few obvious exceptions like Video Enhance etc not really playing nice with anything not Nvidia based, but that’s an Mac issue, not a Topaz issue.

My question… I’m finally switching over to my M1 Mac Mini until the M1X is released in October or when it comes. I know many items work via Rosetta with M1 but my question… which apps work natively on M1 without Rosetta and what is coming next if you can say? Will Video Enhance be coming? From the Video engine testing I have done between my Mac Pro’s Radeon Pro Vega II Duo and the W6800X Duo, the M1’s video engine capabilities is staggering fast. If the M1X is anything like the blogs/youtubers claim it might be with additional cores etc supporting multi core applications etc

The apps I use the most in order, thus why I am curious if these are native yet…

Denoise / Sharpen / GigaPixel / Adjust AI

I think I read that Sharpen and Denoise are native now, and Gigapixel was close but I may have misread.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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