M1 Pro/Max in VEAI


Is there somebody already using M1 Pro/Max chips in VEAI? Can You pls tell your experiences? Is it worth upgrade to Max? And what about RAM usage? Thanks for replies…


Hi - I’m using a Mac Mini M1 machine with 16GB RAM and my render times have been cut in half compared to my iMac 3.7GHz 6-Core Intel i5 with 40GB RAM.

0.29 to 0.30 sec/frame down to 0.14 to 0.15 sec/frame – while rendering a 720p video using the Artemis Low Quality setting.


Okay, so these times are pretty fast. And what is your RAM usage during rendering? Are 16 GB enough? Thank you.

Remember, the Mac Mini is the old M1 chip, I have not seen any speed benchmarks for Topaz on the new Mac Pro and Max M1 just released.


I do understand. I guess M1 Pro/Max will be much faster according to the same chip architecture. Even more, Topaz is already working on optimisation for M1 chips, currently it is running through rosetta 2.

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I have not seen an indication of 16GB being necessary for greater performance on the Mac Mini M1. Maybe if you are running other applications at the same time.

Also on my iMac Intel 3.7Ghz – I thought increasing the RAM would make a difference in performance, but it does not. The software is using the GPU for everything it appears.

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Ok, thank you. I appreciate it.

Whats the target resolution?

HI I am using new MacBook 14 (16 GB RAM/512 GB ssd) with M1pro chip and sad to report Topaz Gigapixel crashes every single time I save - a pity Topaz is so unreliable - unless there are some magic settings I don’t know about. DXO is working fine.


You can try some SD to HD for example. Thanks.

I guess Topaz will fix it soon. They are working on it already.

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1080p to 4k Proteus renders at .42 sec/frame. The M1 on the same video and settings was .6 sec/frame. M1 Pro and M1 Max were the same speed in my test because its using the neural engine primarily.


Ok, so neural engine is important, that is what I was looking for. And what was your previous pc?

Yeah it is almost completely governed by the Neural engine with the models I’ve used. These are replacing the previous 16" MBP i9 w/5500m and iMac Pro.

And can I ask how do you know that neural engine is working the most?

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I’ve the new MacBook Pro 14" with the M1 Pro 10-core (8/2) with 16-core GPU. I had a M1 Mac mini previously.
I’m currently upscaling a lot of SD interlaced DV with Dione DV v2 from 576i 25fps to 1080p 50fps (I’m in PAL-land :slight_smile:) and I’m getting 0.1sec/frame now from 0.18sec previously. Almost half the time, which makes a great difference.


I am wondering if there is an advantage to de-interlacing with Apple’s Compressor, which seems to do a very good job and is extremely fast. Then take this video and upscale using VEAI on a Mac M1 or Pro M1?

My de-interlacing results with VEAI have not been very good with this product, meanwhile the upscaling has been excellent.

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Ok so it is worth upgrading in some ways. Thanks to all of you. Have a good times and God bless you.

I am quite excited by this product and the render speed-up with cheap M1 Macs.

This is a game-changer for me. I have tried at least a dozen different products by all the big names and nothing comes close to this – not even broadcast hardware.

I have taken very bad VHS footage (that showed 8mm film being projected on a wall) and made it watchable again in high definition. This product doesn’t do it all. I still have to color correct, correct glitches, resize, etc. — but this product does an incredible job of creating detail that was not there before. That is priceless.

Keep up the good work! I hope there will be an easier way to distribute the processing over a farm of machines – somehow. Or a well written script to do it. A command line interface would really be needed.

I just purchased one. Paid close to $3000. I use Topaz studio 2 a lot and love the product. But it was working at a snails pace with my late 2015 27’ 8GB RAM, IMAC. So I purchased the MacBook Pro MI with 16 GB of RAM thinking that it would run much faster. Not so. It is no better than the IMAC. I’am very disappointed so far. I don’t have the same problem with other Topaz products however. I’m wondering if my expectations are too high. Is it normal for Studio 2 to run slow?

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