M1 Macbook Pro Reaches Temperatures of 172 Degrees while encoding, Is this normal?

I am encoding my old videos and movies from 480p to (720p and 1080p). I noticed the temperature is usually hovering around 169 and 172 degrees. Is this considered normal?

No idea what they put the thermal limit to on the M1, but Intel CPUs are usually 100C. 172 is only in the 70s Celsius range.

Thanks for responding. I forgot to add that I am talking in terms of Fahrenheit. I am also using the H.265 format to encode the videos. In most cases it fluctuates between 166 up to 174fF.

I was just wondering if this might present an issue in the future.

It will not. Maybe if it was hitting the limit every time you ran it, but it’s fine where it’s at.


The Mac Studio here even goes up to >195° F under full load.

I normally manually turn up the fan speed in those scenarios though as Apple traditionally uses low fan speeds for silent operation while accepting high CPU temps which I don’t really like for a longer period.

Im Celsius it would just have burnt already at 130°.