Lunch of Champions - Munich Edition

This photo is especially for @Laundromat, who pointed out that pizza is not really typical Bavarian food.

This is a shot of my lunch at the Deutsches Museum cafeteria in Munich (not pictured are the tuna salad and cabbage). The beer, cake, and rest of the lunch were excellent, but for some reason, the original photo was not really in focus :dizzy_face:. I processed the photo with Adjust and Impression to reflect what it looked like to me at the time…

And don’t worry - I actually lost weight on the trip, from all of the walking and hiking we did!

And in case you are curious…


tuna, cabbage, marble cake and a Hacker Pschorr…and… a nice image!

Are you blaming the out of focus on the camera and shot taken? Maybe you just had too may beers when you took the shot and this is how it really looked to you at the time… just kidding.:dizzy_face: Enjoyed the image & PP work, not sure if the reds table is too oversaturated?

Drink enough beer and nothing is in focus …nice work and now I’m hungry.

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I’m jealous of your visit - I had the chance of a secondment to study at the Museum 20 years ago but could not get the sponsorship to pay for it from my employer

Thank you for the very nice and funny comments, @Laundromat, @cre8art, @BobKramer, and @el48tel, I appreciate them very much. This photo was a lot of fun doing the preparation for :smile:

I hope you have had a chance to visit the museum, Terry, this was the first time I saw it and it was a lot of fun…

Thank you for the interesting idea, John. I made a version where I blended back the color from the original, it gives a very different effect…

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Nope but it’s on the bucket list

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I like the revised version too.

@cre8art, I am very glad you like it and thank you for inspiring me to make it!

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