Luminosity Masking

Is there any Topaz product that can be used to produce a Luminosity Mask?

I have looked, but not found any Topaz plugin that allows me to produce a mask based on the image luminosity. Perhaps I am missing it somewhere and, if so, I would appreciate someone pointing it out to me. If there is not something, is there a reason?

Each filter has a mask that you can use a Luminosity mask, making adjustments to the mask with the Luminosity and Range sliders.

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I guess I was not clear in my question, or perhaps I am misunderstanding this response.

I was looking for a tool that would allow me to return a mask to Photoshop based on luminosity. I then wanted to use that as an adjustment mask in Photoshop.

Both Topaz Studio apps can provide luminosity masking.


Both Topaz Studio 1 and Studio 2 can have individual masks applied for each of their adjustments/filters. Each of those masks can have a number of options (edge aware, brush applied, spot, gradient, color and luminosity).

There is however no provision to export the masks themselves. There are lots of references on line as to how to create a set of luminosity masks to use with Photoshop.
You might find this useful

My question had to do with returning luminosity masks to Photoshop, not using them in Studio. I have been testing the new Mask AI plugin and it made me wonder why there was not a tool for returning a luminosity mask to PS to allow me to do adjustments in that tool.

I know there are ways to create luminosity masks in PS itself, and I have used those. But there are also ways to select adjustment masks in PS, but Topaz sells a plugin that improves that functionality and I thought there might be a plugin for improving PS’s LM functionality as well. Apparently not.

I found the Greg Benz tutorials on Luminosity Masks very enlightening. Thank You!

It reminded me of how Dan Margulis opened up a new world for me by demonstrating techniques that take advantage of the LAB color space.

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There are methods for turning B&W images into masks and, of course, that is one way of creating a LM in Photoshop itself. Another is Greg Benz’s Lumenzia, which I have trial-ed and bought. It is quite clever and very flexible, especially since you can actually adjust the mask itself while creating it, but that just shows that it is relatively easy to create Luminosity Masks for use as adjustment masks in PS.

My whole question was why Topaz, which seems to product all kinds of tools, has never created an app to create luminosity masks. It can not be that it is because PS does that already - PS already does much of the stuff that Topaz has apps for, including ReMask, so I was just curious if I was missing something.