Luke the Lab

This is a composition photo of Luke the Lab. A wonderful dog I had the pleasure of shooting this weekend. It was hard to get him to sit still long enough to photograph him so I got a grab shot of him sitting waiting for a ball to be tossed to him. I used Topaz ReMask, Impressions and Textures to bring about the composition. The background came from my files of borrowed clip art.


I did a little work on this. Brightened the eyes up a bit to see if it makes a better shot.


Labs are such good dogs …nice composition and pp work.

Thank you Bob. Yes they are great dogs. This one was true to his genetics. All he wanted to do was fetch that ball. All the time.

Great photo of your dog - he looks like a lot of fun! I like the processing and the background works well.

Very nice image comp and processing applied. I like that you tried to brighten up the eyes.

Thank you cre8art. I appreciate your comments.

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Thanks Ken. He was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, he isn’t my dog. I appreciate you looking and commenting.

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the improved version has the slight “edge” over the first version

I think so, as well. I even shrunk the watermark so it wouldn’t be so distracting. Thanks for viewing and commenting.

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You’re not supposed to shoot dogs. I like the composition and color range. My only quibble is that I wish you hadn’t cut off his feet when you shot him. (I may have to call the SPCA).

Not with a firearm. I didn’t have any choice on the feet. They were buried in grass so when I used remask I had to trim them from the blades of grass. That’s why he’s up front and footless.

Teasing. Of course you shot the lab with a camera. I was being 100% tongue
in cheek. The foot comment came along with the shooting quip. I did not
mean to offend.

No offense taken. Your comments were no problem whatsoever.

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