LRM Photo AI or Photoshop Photo AI?

I’m still trying to figure out the defacto workflow? Should I make some minor changes in LRM and then convert through Photo AI or should I do minor changes in LRM, let LRM convert and then have Photo AI work its magic in Photoshop?

For some reason it seems like get the best results running Photo AI in Photoshop rather than LRM. Is that because I’m not doing something right? Another question…if I convert in Photoshop, it seems like I can’t find the converted file that Photo AI has worked on. If you use Photo AI in Photoshop does it just apply the changes to the open file? I can’t find a saved file.

You should use Topaz Photo AI first in your workflow while working with either LRC or Photoshop. We have some more information about the plugins on our Topaz Labs Documentation page that I will link below:

I would note the different capabilities of each plugin option and work with whichever is best for your workflow and images you are using with Topaz Photo AI.

When you say to use Topaz Photo AI first in your workflow, would you use it first even before adjusting the exposure in a photo that is maybe pretty dark (2 stops under)?

Yes this would be the preferred workflow while using Topaz Photo AI.