LRc raw plugin not installed

I can use the TIFF-based Export workflow from LRc without any problems. However, I’d much prefer to use the RAW->DNG workflow per [The Recommended RAW Workflow in Lightroom Classic for Topaz Photo AI - Topaz Labs]

However, the plugin doesn’t seem to be installing, even with a fresh reinstall of Denoise. Nothing shows up in the LRc plugin manager, and therefore I don’t have the File>Plug-in Extras>Process option. Manual inspection of the modules folder and search of my hard drive shows that there isn’t a Topaz .lrplugin anywhere.

What am I missing?

Topaz Photo AI 3.7.2 on Win11 with current Lightroom Classic

The answer is simple. Photo AI has a raw workflow. Denoise AI doesn’t. Running Denoise standalone you can save a DNG from a raw file, but there’s no advantage over TIFF - it’s still demosaiced and therefore large.

Only Topaz Photo AI has the File > Plug-in Extras > Process with Topaz Photo AI workflow.

DeNoise AI will not be receiving a Raw plugin for LrC.

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