LrC 11.1 and DeNoise 3.3.4

I watched this video. A few things. In the video - Preferences shows Apply Auto Lens Corrections. I don’t see it when I open Preferences.

When I follow all the steps and open the file denoise - raw.dng I can’t access the color profiles. It switches to Color.

That’s only applies to original RAW files and not DNG.

I’m dragging RAW files from Lightroom into DeNoise.

Is it creating another image file from the RAW held in LR?

You seem to be implying that either LR is creating a DNG when you drag the RAW file. If that is so, or it is a DNG, then a DNG is not considered a “RAW”.

I’m following the exact steps Matt suggested. In preferences I disabled Apply Raw Correction. As I stated I don’t even see Lens Corrections which should be just above it.

From the Grid view I drag the CR3 file into DeNoise. It says it’s an CR3 file. I select Raw as the AI Model. Then I press Save Image and select DNG. It comes back to LrC as a denoise-raw.dng file. The color profiles is now on Color which does not allow to select other color profiles. The original file was Adobe Color. According to Matt it should be on Adobe color.

I uninstalled 3.3.4, went to Topaz and downloaded it again. I’m using Mac Monterey 12.0.1 and LrC 11.0.1. I have read I’m not the only person having this issue.

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At minute 5:07 of Matt’s video he states to select DNG. What I got out of this video is that even if it comes back as a DNG the process is supposed to preserve the Raw file so you can access color profiles.

I even tried preserve source format and that didn’t work either. At minute 6:27 in the video Matt opens the DNG file that came back from DeNoise and the color profile is Adobe Color.

So how do I send the RAW file back from DeNoise and maintain it as a RAW file, not a DNG?

By the way the video link I posted is on Topaz’s front page for DeNoise AI. Open Products and then for Denoise AI - Learn More and scroll down to.

Recommended raw workflow​

I watched video at youtube. At 6:07 he opens the Sony file, not the Canon one. Further down there is a comment concerning my query. A Topaz spokesperson replied. It doesn’t look like this works consistently with all manufacturer Raw files yet. Hopefully they fix this soon.

Exact same issue here. Mac Monterey 12.0.1, LrC 11.0.1, DeNoise 3.3.4. Canon CR2 files - so this looks to be a problem with all Canon files, not just the newer CR3’s.

Work-around suggested by someone is to Sync the DeNoise image with its original RAW image using the Sync command in LR Develop Module. That works, but come on Topaz, if such a work-around works certainly you can figure out how to make this work automatically as it should and as it apparently works for Sony raw’s.

Well I don’t see anything to do with Lens Correction in Preferences in the Windows version of Denoise AI 3.3.4 with either Sony .ARW RAW, Canon Raw .CR2 or .CR3. or NIKON .NEF

Denoise AI being used as free standing.

There is however Lens Correction in Sharpen AI 3.3.2