Lowering system resource usage using the CLI?

I’m using topaz’s ffmpeg on the command line. Sometimes I want to run it with less CPU / GPU usage. Want a bit less fan noise, heat, etc.

Does anyone know a command to have it use fewer cores / threads or otherwise throttle down?

If you’re using Windows, you can use Task Manager to assign CPU affinity.

Thanks. I’m on a Mac unfortunately. I looked it up and I think I can use taskpolicy to do something somewhat similar.

Still hoping there’s a command I can pass to Topaz to do this more explicitly.

-threads Is what you’re looking for. Default is how many your cores your CPU has.

Or, on the Mac use the energy saving mode.
This will reduce load by about 50% (at the cost of speed of course).
If I enable energy saver TVAI only uses about 50W (for GPU, CPU and RAM) instead of >100W without.

The -threads option doesn’t work for topaz filters. My guess is they do their own thread management, similar to what libx265 does (where they have their own option for specifying threads).

I’d also still need a way to adjust GPU usage-- even if I lowered CPU thread usage, GPU would still be at 100%.

I guess this is becoming a feature request: please support some equivalent for -threads in your filters that we can use to throttle down both GPU and CPU

In the filter there is vram=1, it can be changed to something lower like vram=0.5 to be 50% normal usage. You can see what that does to it.

Did you try my suggestion above? Low power mode does exactly that: reduce load of CPU and GPU (on my M2 Ultra it seems that exactly half of the cores are used).
The major disadvantage here is that you cannot configure this, it’ll cut down CPU/GPU usage to half so you cannot tell it to just throttle by 30% or so.

This only limits RAM useage but not CPU/GPU.
Even worse, on Apple Silicon there is sometimes even much higher load on GPU with RAM set to lower values.

I haven’t tested it out since a few updates after TVAI 3 came out. I have no idea what it does on Windows with an Nvidia card.

Well the TS has a Mac, so…

Yes, thanks! That was a great suggestion and I hadn’t thought of it earlier. Low power mode works to lower performance across the board and does for sure reduce fan noise. It’s the closest thing to a workaround I’ve found so far.

I just checked. It definitely doesn’t throttle down the GPU as jo.vo said earlier. Good thought though.

Clumsy me. I very missed that.