Love Topaz BUT!

While I have used Topaz products for over 10 years now I am getting a little frustrated with the slow speed at which they are now working. Six months ago I had a PC rebuilt to accommodate the progression of Topaz products, yes actually only for that at a cost of £1400 UK pounds.
However with each new upgrade it takes longer and longer to utilize the software totally interrupting the workflow process.
While I accept that things change to keep Topaz at the forefront it should not be at the cost of terribly slow processes associated with the products, and not just one, most of them.
If I am willing to update my computers to the fastest and latest hardware, you should be insuring that your software is compatible with the guy on the streets units, after all you now charge annual costs to upgrade, where in the past you never did that, and that was a USP for Topaz.

@Magiceye Thanks for writing in and sharing your feedback. We also greatly appreciate you going out of your way to keep up with the demands of the product.

We understand Photo AI is a resource intensive program. Generally, having updating graphics card drivers is the best thing to do to optimize the performance of any given computer.

Does your workflow involve particularly large files or batches?