Lost products

I came in to work on some pieces only to find all my products except noise gone. ?? They are still in my products list, I paid for them. How do I fix this?

You don’t mention which products you own but if it is any of these you should be able to download and install the version you purchased from here:

I’ve been using it for two years; I think I know how to load it. I had to go back through the tutorial all over with your sudden changes to the program. This was not an improvement. Everything that was at my fingertips is now buried and has to be dug out of the sidebar every single photo I work. Lightroom is gaining on you on the development end. Just a suggestion: sudden, abrupt changes are very unpopular to your customer base. But they won’t bother to tell you, they’ll just move on. :frowning:

hutson your post was vague and when you stated lost I thought they were gone, I simply provided the links.

Sorry I wasted my time trying to assist someone who appears to be so angry.