Lost filters

I just installed Photoshop Elements 2021 and lost 4 Topaz filters from the Filter Gallery:
Mask AI, Adjust AI, Sharpen AI, and Studio2. How do I get them back?


Just reinstall the applications. Or you can use this guide but it seems as though Adobe has changed something in the move from 2020 to 2021 if it doesn’t pick up the previous filters so it may not work:

No luck.*

All downloads ended up with this error message when I tried to install them.

What version of Windows are you running and is it 32bit or 64bit. Go to System, About in the Settings panel and it will tell you under device specifications:


If it is 64bit then you will probably need to re-download or you can try disabling your AntiVirus and run the installer with Admin privileges.

I’m running 64 bit Windows 10 Pro version 2004.
I’ll try the disable anti-virus procedure.


No luck. I get the same error pop-up. Is it something to do with my newly installed Photoshop Elements 2021?


Have you re-downloaded the installers?

Have a look in the Event Viewer to see if there is any indication of the problem there.

If you have redownloaded and you still get the same error raise a support request at the main website.