Lossless Hardware Encoder support

There seems to be demand from users to get lossless codec support, and that was added recently with FFV1 in 3.5.2. But FFV1 is processed on the CPU, which can result in decreased export performance in some cases. So is there a possibility for Topaz Labs to expose lossless video encoding using the hardware enconders in the GUI?

NVENC has a lossless mode. And from my testing, so does Apples video_toolbox (At least when I tested HEVC). I’m not sure about Intel or AMD hardware encoders.

You can already use any mode supported by NVENC right now, you just have to write the video-encoders.json entry yourself.

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But most people don’t want to/or don’t know how to modify the encoders.json file. Nor do they want to modify the command line options. So exposing the settings in the UI by default would be beneficial for those users.