Loss when burning to DVD?

Hello. If I use the Video Enhance AI software to upscale a standard 480p DVD image, but then I burn it back to a standard DVD format, will there be any noticeable increase in video quality? or will I have lost the benefit of upscaling by burning the image back to a standard DVD that only supports 480p?

IF your source already is perfect, you gain nothing…

Most DVDs are not :slight_smile: And most MPEG2 Encoders used for Encoding DVDs were not the best back then…

So there is a good chance you will gain something… Reducing artefacts, banding, macroblock artefacts, enhance some details, reduce noise - all these can be possible benefits - but it depends on your source, like said in the beginning.

Also, you should take into account the size of the source DVD. If it is a 4GB disk with a long movie, the quality is probably not amazing. 8GB disk, should be as good as you can get—but not guaranteed.
The same can be said for burning back to DVD. If you try to burn something from and 8GB disk to a 4GB one… Well you can imagine.

Then there’s DVD burning software. Most of them are made to be ultra user-friendly. And that usually means you get no say in what kind of quality you will burn onto the DVD. You could gain quite a lot with VEAI, just to have it undone by the burning software.