Loss of quality with recent Video Enhance AI versions

I am making this separate thread in the hope that developers see it.

For DVD’s that have a film scanned source, Artemis-MQ from version 1.2.0 produced unbelievable results.

Every version after 1.2.0 removed Artemis-MQ, and the existing models are not able to achieve results of an equal caliber.

I posted evidence of this here:

And here is a few second long clip of that scene (it’s been decimated from the original DVD and exported as MP4 with CRF=1, it’s exactly bit for bit what was used to create the samples), along with the frame samples shown in the above gallery:

If I was a developer of this amazing program this would really bother me.

The ONE mode that is better in 1.3.8 than 1.2.0 is GaiaCG. All other modes are producing inferior results; sometimes it’s slight but noticeable, other times is VERY noticeable.

PLEASE bring back the quality of Artemis-MQ 1.2.0 to Video Enhance AI!

Please do not make duplicate posts. I have removed your other one.

Not giving me a lot of confidence… :frowning: