Looking to hire Topaz Video AI expert to help optimize and upscale 1080p video footage

I’m in need of a Topaz Video AI expert to help me find the best combination of settings to improve, optimize and upscale some 1080p video footage. The footage comes from a few different cameras of varying quality, but all is 1080p quality. I have had a difficult time finding the best combination of settings to get the most out my footage. Willing to pay competitive hourly rate or come up with a bulk rate for help. Please respond to a.ramsdell2011@gmail.com if interested/qualified.

Take a look at this channel, they do really good remastering work.

awesome, thanks so much

Are you looking for someone to do the actual enhancement, or just help in determining optimal settings for you to use? If it’s just help with settings, my guess is you could just put up some samples of what you need to enhance and there are people here who would tinker with them for free just for the challenge.

Thanks gene for your comment. Yes, I am more so just looking for help in determining the optimal settings to use. I’d be happy to see what you and others think. I’m having trouble uploading a link to the videos - any recommendations on how to share samples with the forum?

IMO the best bet is to upload them to a site like Dropbox and paste links to them here.