Looking for Sharpen tutorial

I’ve just begun to use Sharpen and am quite impressed, but trying to find a good tutorial rather than just learning it on my own. The only ones I can find (e.g., https://coolwildlife.com/photo-editing/topaz-labs-sharpen-ai-workflow-step-by-step-guide/) refer to a different menu than I have with v3.2.1 on a Mac. Most obviously, the models are “sharpen, stabilize, focus”. Mine are “Motion blur, Out of focus, Too soft”. Presumably the same thing, but what’s going on? Mac / Windows? Something else? The menu layout is also different…

That tutorial dates from December 2020 and refers to an earlier version of Sharpen AI.

When I use new software, I tend these days to look for movie tutorials on YouTube. You’ll find a lot on Sharpen AI, including the latest update. I particularly like those by Anthony Morganti and Scott Davenport.

@leeeugenemiller I just watched one that Topaz Labs posted on YouTube a today (8/14/2021) on Sharpen AI. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPhKz4qpOdI


Thanks. I’ll take a look. I must be old fashioned, but I much prefer something written that I can look through quickly.

Is there really no formal PDF documentation anywhere? I am trying to figure out how to batch process a bunch of images overnight with different settings, and it doesn’t seem to be terribly intuitive.

Try The Joy of Editing on YouTube. By Dave Kelly. Here is just one Sharpen AI tut … he does several more! https://youtu.be/4brdjETszxc

Not sure why you are addressing this to me, as I have already give an opinion. Not a big fan of Dave Kelly, and even less of Jim Nix. But it’s all down to personal taste.

Oops! I meant to address the OP … my apologies!