Looking for Gigapixel examples

Hey y’all,
Wanting to update the Gigapixel page with some more examples, if you have any great before and afters you’d like to share I’d love to consider them for feature in the site. Please include how you’d like to be credited and original image size, processing settings, and a link to your site if you have one.

Thanks all.

Hope you guys are enjoying this program as much as we are!

A copy of the original at half-size - Sigma 150-600 lens.

Outcrop onto the hawk from a 250% Gigapixel upscale, black and white.

Please credit as © Jack Torcello

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The original was 4256 x 2832, finally blown up by TAIGigapixel 400% to 11616 x 8480 pixels. I cropped to a final size of 7520 pixels square.

This is a 1280 pixels square example of the final work using a 400% Upscale of Topaz AI Gigapixel

Swan and Cygnet” © Jack Torcello

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From a 4256x2832 original, reduced by crop to 1228 pixels square. A 600% upscale using TAIGigapixel brought the final dimension to 7368 pixels square - the image presented here is a 1280 pixel square reduction using Photoshop’s resize facility.

Starlings” © Jack Torcello

This is the before, with the area marked out where cropped.


From a 4258 x 2760 original, I used Topaz AI Gigapixel at 250% Upscale, from which I then
cropped this 4425 square example. Topaz Studio and Akvis Sketch inter alia.

Three at Montmartre” © Jack Torcello

…from this original © Jack Torcello


Hi Heath, my FB is https://www.facebook.com/KeithMitchellPhotographyandStudio/
and site is www.keithmitchellphotography.com


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