Look previews not accurate in Topaz Studio 2

I was just playing around with the Looks in Topaz Studio 2 and I like them. One thing that I find frustrating is the following: I often find a pre-defined look preview that looks fantastic on one of my images. But when I apply the look it looks different than the preview and not worth applying to the image. Most of the time, the color scheme is very different, and I have been unable to reproduce how the preview looked by adjusting sliders on the individual components of the look.

I was wondering how the look previews are generated and if it is technically possible to make them look like the image does after applying the look.

I am enclosing an example of how big the difference can be on a simple image of a car:


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I experience significant color shifts too, sometimes.

And, b/c I use Studio 2 as a plugin to Ps CC I almost always see noticeable color shifts b/wn how the image looks (color-wise) in Studio 2 and how it looks when I accept and go back to my Ps host program. It happens with no intervening adjustments.

Smae issue and it’s months later. Image looks great while in Studio 2 but, after export, the colors o not hold when openned in any other way!?