Long save time, DNG saved as thumbnail

I’m using this to denoise, and sharpen RAW files (arw) from my Sony Ar7ii.

Steps to reproduce issue:

I drop a folder of pics into the program
Adjust the denoise and sharpening settings on the first image
select “apply to all photos” from the drop down
click "save pictures’

Not only does it take FOOOORRRRRREEEEEVVVVVEEEEERRRRR to save a pic- a project of 50 pics would take nearly 48hrs so save!
BUT then the finished file is a teeny tiny DNG file the size of a thumbnail.

I have found others have the same problem and have read the posts in the Topaz community forum but I find no answers that satisfactorily fix/solve this problem.

So, then i dropped just a single image into Topaz to denoise and sharpen and then save. Still waiting for that one to process and save.

So far this is NOT a time saver for me. It is a time KILLER! If this is how this program is going to work I will gladly just go back to Lightroom for these fixes and get a refund for this program.

Oh, and I am NOT an IT guy/computer science pro but know I have a fine, working PC laptop.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Does your PC meet the technical requirements posted on the Topaz Labs website?

As for the DNGs that reported size is the embedded preview, I believe that they are working on adding the full size preview. Opening in another app such as Affinity, PS etc., does display the image correctly … unless it only reads the preview

Like AiDon mentioned, can you upload your computer’s system profile so we can check if this system meets our minimum requirements?

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)
How To Obtain Your System Profile (Mac)


I believe this is the info you requested on my system.

DxDiag.txt (94.1 KB)

Thanks @mgoodin08, it looks like this system is relatively underpowered compared to our minimum requirements. The Intel HD 5500 is an integrated graphics card that is below our dedicated graphics card requirement of an Nvidia GTX 900 (or higher), so that speed is expected for this system.

We’re working on implementing full-sized JPG previews into DNG files created by Photo AI, but right now it only creates thumbnail-sized previews for DNGs. The current expected behavior for these DNGs in apps that cannot read RAW files (like the default Windows photo app) is for the preview to load as just a thumbnail, but if you open those files in a RAW editor like Lightroom or Photoshop they should appear as normal, full-sized files.

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