Long edge options for output px settings

Right now there are only Scale, Height and Width options to choose for entering a pixel value to resize the images to. This means that when I want to resize multiple pictures that are in varying orientations, I have to either select all portrait ones or all horizontal ones only in order to use have the long edge upscaled to a required resolution. Otherwise the pictures don’t all get increased to the same output resolution

If we could have an option where the output pixel size could be set for the long side of the image, this could allow us to disregard the orientation when choosing images to resize to the same pixel size

In the older version of Gigapixel V1, 2 or 3, it can resize base on the long edge but since V4 the feature has been removed.
In the older version, it allowed to input both width & height dimension at the same time, the software will keep the aspect ratio of the image and resize it base on the long side.

I have contacted Customer services, in 2019 April. At that time, the Development Team told me that “they will re-implementing in some fashion in the future, but is currently not scheduled”.

I agree, would like an option to upscale based upon the long edge locking aspect ratio. I’d like to provide this feedback / feature request applying to GigaPixel & Photo AI… This is a feature important enough for me to adjust my workflow if it existed. Please add.


I recommend you contact Customer services directly. :grinning:
If there are many users request that features, they will add it.

I have contacted customer services 3 years 7 months ago and here is the reply. :sweat_smile: