Lonely Aspen Patch

Howdy Folks,

Here’s another image from my ride through Rocky Mtn NP last weekend. This one is on the way up before the rain caught up to me. There wasn’t much fall color change yet in the aspens. But this small patch stood out in the expanse. LR into PhotoFX for Adjust. Created a luminosity mask with B&W Effects. And back to LR for export.

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Very nice… I wish it was larger so I could see the details better.

Thank you Michael. I assume you wish I’d uploaded a larger image, i.e. more pixels. Here’s the same image exported from LR at 2000 pixels on the long side, rather than 1000 of the original.

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The original image was taken with my 12-24mm zoom at 24mm. Here’s a different image I made using my 50mm prime. So it gets a little closer to the subject (and also at 2000 pixels).

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Thanks Scott - now I can double-click and scroll around inside the images and see all that magnificent detail!

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Wonderful landscape! I like the first one better because it caught more of the drama in the sky than the 50 mm did.

Thanks Ken. @KenKv

I agree. I think the sky adds a lot. Unfortunately, I didn’t take another with the 50mm above the other 50mm one. Then I could have made a vertical panorama which might have been nice.


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