Login is a pain always

Hello, your login is always a pain. Why every time we have to login. Can’t you recognize one IP and find it as safe. Its always a pain. I really repent buying this software.

You don’t have to login every time … It is probably that your browser cannot save the token.

What browser are you using and on what OS?

Thanks for your response. To me the sign in is a luck event than reality. I agree that every time we don’t have to. But if you update the Topaz new release or update the OS of computer, it asks again. My simple question is when we can easily login to topaz web page into your account why software signing in creates so much havoc.
My OS is Mac OS Ventura, M1 chip 16 inch.
I have almost completely lost interest in this software due to its glitches and I repent buying this software !!! I tried interacting with the support team, but hardly any use.
Browser is Safari. I tried chrome too, no much help