Loading AI models in VEAI takes forever

I’ve been using 2.3 with macOS Monterey for a few months and its been working fine, only occasionally has the Loading AI models taken a while. But recently it takes forever EVERY TIME.
I started noticing it happening after I purged some logs in application support using daisy disc, as they were taking up a lot of space.
I’ve tried rebooting and also re-installing the software.
Please help.

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Hi, just chipping in here, that on Mac OS Monterey (Intel CPU), I experienced the same yesterday using the interlaced DV to 4k setting. I think there’s actually a bug. I have a memory monitor on full time (istat) and I could see that it just sat eating more and more memory (more than exists in the system, so clearly it was swapping). On my 16G RAM MacBook, I decided force close Video Enhance AI when it got to around 40G of used memory and had been stuck on loading AI models for probably 40 minutes or longer.

Using a different algorithm today I see no issue. Has to be a bug.