Loaded Image Sequence End Frame Off By One

Windows 10 Video AI 5, latest build as of 5/17/24 RTX 4090

I load in an image sequence of TIF files and the end frame is shown as frame 417 even though the actual end frame is 418 in the original sequence. The original sequence is 16bit int TIF files 100-418.

Happens every time. Seems like a typical off by one programming mistake in a conditional-- easy to fix.

Interestingly enough it did process all the frames, but the last frame listed in the timeline is still 417.

When you processed it, did the export have all the frames and listed out as 418?

Yes, it processed the entire range of the clip 100-418, but the timeline only showed to 417 in the lower right corner of the timeline. Perhaps it is a timeline display issue. I did not check to see if the last frame shown as 417 was actually frame 418. I would have to add a window burn to my footage for that.

Just sounds like an off by one someplace. The programmer in mean smells it. :wink: