Little meditator

De-saturated the original a lot. Then tried a Da Vinci effect. Only half happy with that. Added my own custom Color Theme then did an Impression version with large brush for abstract effect, and used the Painting progress slider till I found a level I liked. Half liked that too.
Decided to combine the two through Layer blending- using a mask and the original (set to luminosity) to bring back suggestions of detail that had been lost. Added a very subtle vignette In a colour selected from the edge of the piece.
Then took it into Corel Painter and tweaked some detail around the edges and through the hair with pastel brushes to strengthen suggested detail. Added a pastel paper texture there too. Back into Topaz for digital frame.



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Thanks for the generous comment

Extraordinary image, beautifully done

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Thanks for the enthusiasm!

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Great looking image and results.


Thanks very much

Excellent result! The work really says a lot! Very nice processing.

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Really pleased it communicated something and that you enjoyed it