List of Video AI file suffixes

It would be nice if there were a list of suffixes for filters appended to the filename, so if I go back to an older processed movie, I would know exactly which filters were run in seconds. A few suffixes are self-explanatory, but others I can’t figure out. Furthermore, this list of suffixes could be updated as new filters are added. Something that I can print out and have for reference.

Using MediaInfo v23.07 I was able to find all the settings used to process a video in Video AI.
It can simply show you all the attributes of the video file, or you can output a text file. Here is a sample of the Video Al attributes of a video I recently processed:
videoai : Stabilized full frame fixing rolling shutter and with smoothness 25. Enhanced using prob-3 auto with recover details at 0; dehalo at 0; reduce noise at 0; sharpen at 0; revert compression at 0; anti-alias/deblur at 0. and recover original detail at 20. Changed resolution to 3840x2160
Plus, there’s every attribute about the video you can imagine, 81 lines worth. Quite a useful tool.