Lightroom plugin should apply sensible development settings to exported image

I use the latest Photo AI with the lightroom plugin. After sending an image to Photo AI and exporting it in Photo AI back to Lightroom, the new image appears neatly stacked with the original image.

Yet, the Lightroom development settings applied to the imported image are not great. For example

  • Lens correction is off, even though it was on on the original image and lens correction has been disabled in Photo AI
  • Sharpening is still active, even though I sharpened the image already in Photo AI
  • The color profile somehow is “Camera NT” (It’s a Sony A7IV image), but the original image was “Adobe color”

I did not try other settings. Like, is color grading preserved? local adjustments? In general, I would want the plugin to match the settings of the original Lightroom image 1:1 except where it does not make sense (i.e. set sharping to zero if Photo AI applied sharpening, set noise reduction to zero, …).

This is how the lightroom builtin denoise works and it’s great.

Checking the lightroom plugin API, there is photo:getDevelopSettings()/photo:applyDevelopSettings with neat documentation about each setting, so that should be feasible.

Topaz Photo AI 3.0.2 on Windows