Lightroom plugin - multiple copies

I own many Topaz products. It seems that each has multiple entries in the LR “Edit in” list. Some are dead links. Some work. I fix and clean them out and they reappear. I think a new one is generated during each update install but leaves the old one. Can this be fixed in your installer?

I am having the same problem. I am a new user and installed Sharpen AI, Gigapixel AI and DeNoise AI, all latest versions. Only Sharpen AI has this problem. I delete it but when I close and reopen Lightroom, it comes back. Only one of them work. How can I get rid of the bad one permanently and/or where is Lightroom getting this information from?

Actually, I found a way to delete them permanently. Here is what I did on a Mac:

  1. I renamed the bad duplicated items by adding an X in front or at the end of the item
  2. You go to Lightroom>Preferences>Presets>Show All other Lightroom Presets (this will open up a Finder window for Library>Application Support>Adobe>Lightroom
  3. Click on “External Editor Presets”. You should see your duplicate items listed with the X (if you did step 1).
  4. Delete the unwanted items, close Lightroom and reopen.
  5. Delete the “External Editor” items one more time, but now they do not reappear.