Lightroom plugin doesn't install

I have deleted the Lightroom preferences and I reinstalled the plugins. The plugin reinstall works just with the PS. I need an option for the lightroom too.

Provide a little more information please. Especially what application you are talking about … Sharpen, DeNoise etc. LR version?

If you delete all Lightroom preferences, are you taking about the application data?

DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI and the Gigapixel AI
My Lightroom gone crazy and I deleted all config files.
I have reinstalled the plugins but this re-install doesn’t work with the Lightroom.
In the menu there is a menupoint.
Help > Re-Install Photoshop Plugins
I need a similar one for the LR.

You will need to reinstall the application as the LR plugin is in the external editors of LR. If you want to do it yourself the instructions can be found here:

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