Lightroom 6 to Sharpen AI NO change?

Hi, When I export to Sharpen AI from Lightroom 6 Sharpen goes through the motions after I hit the save button but when the image comes back into Lightroom it looks the same as the image sent out. Windows 10, 16GB ram, 1050TI Graphics. Thanks, Russ.

Sorry I don’t know why it’s not working but I can confirm that it does work OK for me.

I’m running Lightroom 6.14, Sharpen AI 3.0.3, Windows 10, GTX 970.

Normally I’m selecting the photo within the develop module, right click, selecting ‘Edit In’ and then Sharpen AI. I’ve tried ‘edit original’ (where it updates the original - at least with JPG, not tried RAW) and "Edit A Copy with Lightroom Adjustements’ (works for both JPG and RAW). In the latter option, it creates a new file. Sometimes that file is not visible in the bottom photo tab in lightroom if it’s showing ‘Previous Import’ but if I go back and select the source folder, the updated photo will appear.

i’m having this exact issue. i ‘edit in’, select Sharpen and it sharpens my image in Sharpen itself, but when i go to the TIF after it processes, in Lr it’s not sharpened at all.

using Lightroom Classic 10.2, Win10Pro 64, 20GB RAM, GT1030

so i switched to have it process with my CPU instead of GPU and it’s taking absolutely forever and still didn’t do a thing. =(