[LIGHT/DARK MODE] - Light mode for UI

Hello, we have issue using Topaz Photo AI in bright environments because the app interface is really dark and most controls are subtle with low contrast. It would be useful to have the UI that match the theme of the OS (light/dark) in order to use the app outside in bright environments

Yes PLEASE provide a light mode UI option. The dark mode is a serious usability issue for my eyes. Very hard for me to use.

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Thanks for your feedback. The color scheme was an intentional design choice but I appreciate your insight on the usability. We’ll monitor the interest for a light mode and design accordingly, but at the moment, we don’t have this on the immediate roadmap.

its so hard to stare at the black screen all time, its so eye straining for me. I hate forced dark modes. Does Topaz consider an Auto/light/dark setting like other Mac apps?
I use Topaz for around an year now, and still hate the dark interface.

Unfortunately we don’t have a light theme in the works but if this post gets sufficient votes we may consider it for the future!

You should at least vote for your own idea…so far only I voted for it.


Am legally blind for one eye; blind in the other. Been doing digital graphic design for 40 yrs. Been designing UI and an alpha tester just as long. Been part of the independent living movement as well.
Shame you provide no light theme to help your users and refusing to do so shows an ignorant Ableist approach. Show a welcome mat with your UI for visually impaired users. And No it should never be about how many needs it. Please do the right thing.

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Didn’t know that i need to vote for it…
Don’t expect them ever to make a comfortable light theme that’s less eye stressing.

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I just purchased and agree. It is very hard on the eyes. I have to also play with it more. It is not the “fix” I had hoped for vs doing this in Photoshop.

Hello everyone,

Wanted to update you that our Photo AI v3.0.3 release, we have added the ability for Photo AI to dynamically toggle between light mode and dark mode based on your system settings.

You can see the details here on the Release page of v3.0.3.

You will be able to update to v3.0.3 in-app. (The v3.0.3 Release Page also has the download links listed in the original message at the top, in the announcement that Dakota posted.)

Thanks a lot for your votes!

Let us know if you have any feedback and happy editing :slight_smile:


Just visiting this thread but I’m glad that we could make this happen for you all - it’s awesome to see ideas from the community being incorporated into the app. There’s so much more that we want to do to improve Photo AI.



My system settings are light and the UI is black. I had hoped it would be a preferences thing. I will have to experiment. UPDATE. I reinstalled the update and in preferences in general chose reset to default settings and that worked - thank you SO MUCH!


Awesome! Thanks for the update Dorothy. Glad it is working for you now.

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