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(Artisan-West) #1

Red Rock balloon rally painting. The Gallup, New Mexico balloon rally is one of the best. Topaz Studio and Affinity Photo

The original photo:

(BobKramer) #2

Fun riding in one of those …very nice edit Ron.

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(Jan Štrobl) #3

It has a special strain … nice.

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(Jack) #4

Yes, excellent, very good!

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(Peter) #5

Nice original and edit. Really like the colors in both

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(Artisan-West) #6

Thanks for the comments. I think a good photo makes a good painting. One of the critical elements is learning to see what makes a painting stand out and that is hard. One book I like is “The Painterly Approach” by Bob Rohm. The book deals with traditional painting but is valuable even to digitally produced artwork. I got it from the local library.

(marty) #7

I like these…well done.

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(TERRY) #8

beautifully executed work

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