Lichtenstein Does A Flower - Perhaps

Please look at large.


Nice effect … glad I’m not drunk …

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Reminds me of the first color dot matrix printers.

Nice, Flick. Not sure how you achieved it.

Being an old retired printer, this is very familiar looking. The dot pattern on a printed color image (cyan, magenta, blue and black). Might be wrong.

Thanks Don, John, Seabreeze and Michigander (@AiDon, @john811, @Seabreeze and @Michigander) - appreciate your commenting.

This was done using the PS Filter -> Pixelate -> Color Halftone and playing around with the Max.Radius (I ended up using 6px rather than 8 for this one but that depends on the size of the image and how you want your final to look)

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great effect - thanks for the info “how”

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Very interesting use of color halftone, Flick. Roy Lichtenstein was an amazing graphic novel (I think that’s what we call comic books these days) artist. You captured the feeling of his art form well.