Lets sharpen via Denoise in TPAI

Today I will show you how to reduce chromatic aberrations with Denoise Strong and how to sharpen with the Strong filter.

Basically everything is quite simple, we don’t have many possibilities to change images in TPAI, but the combination makes the magic.



Click on the image and use the left and right arrows to switch between the images.

You can see the settings I used on the right.

Important here is the recover original detail slider, which allows us to remove chromatic aberrations from the image without the strong influence of the denoise filter, which would greatly alter the image here.

Without the denoise strong filter, the contours would not be nearly as beautiful and there would be a slight halo containing the chromatic aberration.

The sharpen strong filter sharpens the out of focus, which unfortunately occurred here because the camera could no longer see and track the heron properly at dusk.


Wow @TPX thanks for sharing, this is great!

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