Lens distortion when upscaling

Whenever I process a RAW file using the Lightroom Plug-in Extras “Process with Topaz Photo AI,” if I upscale the image, it gets returned to Lightroom with lens distortion. I cannot fix the distortion since the new DNG file does not have the correct lens profile. I am attaching a photo showing the problem (I saved it as a JPEG since the DNG file was too large). If you look at the four corners of the image, you see what I mean by lens distortion. If, on the other hand, I edit the photo by using the “Edit in” option in Lightroom, upscaling does not cause any issues.

Topaz Photo AI [v 2.4.0] on Mac

Wait for support but that looks like an APSC lens on a full frame or the wrong profile being used.

That is the lens in the Lumix FZ 2500, a bridge camera made by Panasonic.

I would check if lens correction is turned on in the preferences. If TPAI is processing the raw you’ll probably have to use the lens correction in TPAI for a bridge camera like the Lumix.

Lens correction is turned on. I also do lens correction in Lightroom when I import my images from the Lumix camera.

Could the problem be because this is a non-removable lens?

If you process the raw in TPAI, no corrections are applied by LR prior to sending the raw to TPAI.

It looks like the FZ2500 is not currently supported in Lensfun (the 3rd party library used by TPAI). I think your only option is to use “Edit In” to send a tiff or dng to TPAI with the lens correction already applied.

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Panasonic usually embed lens correction data into their raw files for non-interchangeable lens cameras (as do other camera manufacturers).

When TPAI returns a dng file back to LR, this data can no longer be read by LR. So it gives the message that there is no profile.

Thank you for your response. You confirmed my understanding of how TPAI works with RAW files.

Along with what you said about “no corrections are applied,” I noticed, though, that masks and other edits I do in Lightroom still are kept by TPAI when I process the file in RAW. That’s a good thing.

Thanks again for your reply.

In these instances LR is just re-applying your LR edits to the new image returned by TPAI. TPAI has no control over this.

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Thanks to everyone who shared some insights into this. I appreciate your time and answers.

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