Lens distortion correction and perspective distortion correction

No matter the camera and lens combination used, from mirrorless full frame or gopro lens distortion and perspective distortion is something tools almost never can get really right.

While we as humans can see it directly and can easily tell why and how its distorted.
If you stand next to a camera, even with only 1 eye open and look at the image the camera produces is so vastly different and warped with lens distortion and perspective distortion.
(people say the brain does a lot of compensation for that stuff, but it does not do that compensation when you look at the video or image of the same scene you saw in real life.)

Sound like the ideal problem for our friendly AI superhero to come and save the video’s, and images… and the world

Perhaps we need to bring back the old color bars used in the past - for calibration. lol

well some of us are not the consumer dad with the new sony alpha.
Like for example if one would use software like this for image restoration and stuff like that.
you know, all the epic things that happened around the world that you were not present with you’re amazing new sony camera throughout history and present :upside_down_face:

And besides perspective distortion is always present