Lens colour correction

I’ve attached a photograph (one of the many) that I messed up during clicking. I forgot to set the right setting on the 18-55 VR lens, Nikon D60.

I am using Studio 2, but couldn’t find the right setting to fix this, anyone has an idea on how can I go about correcting this image?



I am not sure what you mean by the “right setting” on the lens, please explain.

The application uses the Lensfun Database so you can check if your lens is supported at:


So you want it to look more like this?

(I’ll admit to cheating as I tried for a long time to rebalance the colors in Studio 2, and finally just used Photoshop’s Match Color - Neutralize function to instantly create this version.)

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yes @andymagee-52287. Pretty much spot-on!

Brilliant. I’ll look, thanks!

Personally I think the problem is your white Balance was incorrectly set and without the RAW image it is difficult to get anything from a Jpeg and the Neutralize in PS leaves too much magenta in the image. If you have PS open the RAW image.:

A tip for Digital Cameras always leave WB on Auto, preferably white priority, as it is easy to adjust using a RAW processor.


Invert the photo layer, select one of the stronger hues, make a brush and paint on the original, non-inverted photo, using a low opacity, until you get the desired colour.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll keep that in mind going forward.

I have uploaded the RAW file - https://we.tl/t-l7wdC6tByi, if you take a look and recommend the way to rectify the image would be great, then I can do the same for the reset :frowning:

hmm! Thanks @Torcello shall give it a go although I am not sure where I can find the brush and paint option :thinking:

I came up with a way to correct the picture in Studio 2. You use Dual Tone filter and the settings show below. After that you go into the Dual tone mask and mask out the water and wave areas to bring back the blue and white. Notice I used the Overlay mode of blending. You can then go into a photo editor and desaturate the white areas. It’s not perfect but probably the best you can do.

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Firstly that isn’t a RAW file and it was shot with a White Balance of Incandescent and you are applying a color hue in the camera. As your camera (D60) produces Compressed 12-bit NEF (RAW) you should upload the NEF image and tell us what software you use to edit the image.

Note you can get nearly there with using White Balance (Basic Filter) Midtones (Brightness Contrast Filter) but because of the color hue applied you would need to add a Curves Adjustment focussing on the Blue Channel:


And a little change to the input level of the Red Channel:

Settings Applied:

Take it into Studio. Open a colour overlay Adjustment - the inverse colour to all the blue is a golden peachy colour. Select for that and change the blend mode to hue.

Change the opacity and a more natural colour should emerge. If not, keep adjusting the peachiness/goldeness until you arrive at a better balance.