Legacy products

Totally behinds…been a bit since I went to use any of my Topz products…first Covid and then three heart procedures…feels like I stepped into a timewarp that sucks…every single Topaz product I own, and its a lot, is now a Legacy product! Do us old timers at least qualify for sone sort of upgrade discount?

Detail, ReMask, Clean, Impression, Adjust, DeNoise, Simplify, Clarity, ReStyle


@vangink Welcome back!

If you own DeNoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel, you can claim Photo AI for free. We also have a Photo AI sale coming in the following weeks if you want to wait for that.

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You can see which products I have, nine products…and none of them are of use as legacy products…that’s pretty sucky…I only have one of the three you supposedly need to claim it, so all my other purchases are of zero value? nice…not.

We do have a 20% sale coming soon. We appreciate your continued support!

This is misleading… I own one of those and yet no special pricing?

Did you click on the “see your special price” link? Did it not offer you a discounted price?

For what it’s worth the legacy products still work and you can continue to use them. I know I do. :slightly_smiling_face:

That special price page should really say Gigapixel AI, DeNoise AI or Sharpen AI. It looks like you have the legacy DeNoise which isn’t the same as DeNoise AI. When Denoise AI was launched you would have been entitled to it free as a DeNoise owner - not sure what the situation is now.

I did and it did not

When I bought it it wasn’t titled legacy… that’s very misleading advertising. I guess I’m just tired of spending as much as I did through the years and it got me zero in return when it comes to upgrade products.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. It’s not our intention to have misleading advertising. I’ll share this with our team and see what we can do to make the messaging more clear.

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