Left overnight to process a total of 95 images; crashed after doing only 8

  This sort of crash is common enough.  I set up a large batch of files, and sometimes, Photo AI crashes before the batch is finished.  Usually, I just start again from where it crashed, and it continues as if nothing had gone wrong.

  This instance is particularly annoying, because I had a very large batch of large images, that was going to take several hours to process.  Ninety-five images, total.  So I started the batch before I went to bed last night, hoping that when I got up this morning, it’d be done.  It crashed after only processing eight images.

  Log attached.

2023-12-02-23-08-37.tzlog (596.4 KB)

  It seems that the current version of Photo AI is more prone to crashing when I try to process .NEF files from my Nikon D3200, than past versions have been.  I’ve had at least three or four such crashes today.

  The latest came when I tried to load two files, and it crashed almost immediately.

  The file BobBlaylock_20231203.ZIP that I just sent to your DropBox contains the two files that I tried to load.

  The issue does not seem to be reproducible.  Whenever I have this kind of crash, if I load the exact same files and try to process them again, exactly as before, the crash does not reoccur.

  Log attached.

2023-12-03-12-20-44.tzlog (32.4 KB)

  So, I just restarted the exact same process as last time, the same two files; this time, it finished processing the first file, but crashed while processing the second.

  Log attached.  Same two input files already uploaded as BobBlaylock_20231203.ZIP

2023-12-03-12-23-23.tzlog (86.8 KB)

How big is the anount of data overall? I might give it a try and see if it crashes here too!

  The .ZIP that I uploaded to Topaz’s DropBox is about forty megabytes, and contains two .NEF files generated by my Nikon D3200.  Today, I seem to be having more trouble than I have with past versions, getting it to process .NEF files without crashing.

  Have you a way for me to send you this forty-megabyte .ZIP file, or do you have a way to get other D3200-produced .NEF files.

  I do not think that it is at all specific to these two particular files, as I have also had a few crashes processing other files of the same kind.  I don’t know that it is D3200-specific, or whether .NEF files from other Nikon models would have the same issue.

  Most times, it works, but it crashes more frequently than it should, and there seems to be no consistent pattern to it.

Upload to your Google Drive if you have one? How about all 95 images?

  For just the .NEF files, that’s about two gigabytes.

  I do have a Google Drive, but I’ve never really paid any attention to it until now.  I see that I am allowed 17 gigabytes, of which I am using about two.  Let’s see if I can figure out putting just the .NEF files there, and sharing them to you…

  Files are uploading, now.  What do I need to know in order to give you access to it?

  Looks like the ETA on the upload being complete is around 14:22 PST.

Right click on the file and give free for anyone you give the link to. Please tell me what settings I choose in Photo AI.

  I’ve sent you the link in a private message.

  Let’s see if I can find a way to send you my Photo AI settings…

  I guess I’ll just send screen shots of the settings pages that I think are likely to be relevant…

  I think those are likely the only settings that I might have changed from default, that are likely to affect processing these files.

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  Basically, what I did last night, just before I went to bed, was to Drag&Drop all of those .NEF files on to Photo AI, wait for the “Save … Images” button to be enabled, click that button, and leave it.

  What I was expecting was that when I got up the next morning, that Photo AI would have processed all of the files.  Instead, it crashed about eight files in.  And today, I am finding, working with one or two .NEF files at a time, some from this batch, and some from others, that it works most of the time, but crashes more often that past versions have.

  In nearly every case, after a crash, if I restart Photo AI, and do exactly what I did before, it works the second time.

All files are processed without any issues. I saved them to 16 bit TIFF and will send you the link for download via private message when the upload is done!

  I always have Photo AI save files processed from .NEFs as .DNGs.

  I wonder if that makes a difference.

Oh I see. That’s why I asked for the options to choose. But 16 bit TIF is also quite good. I saw that many images suffer from a strong motion blur. Maybe we should have used sharpening specific with motion de-blur. I will do another run and save with deblur to DNG. :eyes:

  This was just meant as a rough batch, to get all the files processed so that the next day, I’d have better files from which to work than the original .NEFs.  I figured that if I found one that I wished had been done with different settings than the default, that I could then reprocess that one individually.

  Some of the motion blur is pretty bad.  Bad enough that I would be skeptical of any software’s ability to fix it, but then I have seen Photo AI do some amazing things with images that I would have thought unsalvageable, so maybe I should give the motion-blur setting a chance on some of these.

  In any event, what I am most concerned with is the bug getting fixed, that is lately causing Photo AI to crash so often, when I process .NEF files into .DNG files.

  I wonder if, on my end, processing them into .TIF instead of .DNG would evade this bug; or whether there is a different reason why the bug didn’t occur for you.

  If you don’t mind, would you try processing them into .DNG files? And while I am thinking of to, there’s a setting, fairly new, to allow .DNG output files to be compressed.  I wonder if that’s relevant.  That is fairly recent, and I cannot say for certain that this bug existed any time before that setting became available and I enabled it, or that it didn’t exist at any point afterward.  I don’t think there’s anywhere in the main settings to change that; just in the dialog after the “Save … Images” button, where you select the output format.

I processed all files to compressed DNG without any issues. Uploading. :slight_smile:

I was processing 1000 photos, but it crashes after first 100 approx… tried several times… Any settings that can lower the failure rate? Safe settings? I just used default settings for all of it.