"Le Carrousel sauvage": sculpture in Montreal

Here in Montréal, we have the chance to have a mountain in the center of the city: “The Mount Royal”. The architect of the Park of Mount Royal is the same as the architect of Central Park in New York. Frederick Law Olmsted; he drew the design plans for Mount Royal Park in an age where he was considered the most famous landscape architect in North America.
In the year of 1964, a great sculpture symposium are a great evenement in the Mount Royal. Louis Chavignier had sculpted a monument: “Le Carrousel sauvage”.
This is the sculpture i take in photo and post processed with Photo Studio Editor and Topaz Labs for adjustments.
I propose to you 2 interpretation that i made. Wich one do you prefer, please. Thank you for viewing and comments.


Hello Pierre,

I prefer the second photo.

I think if you could increase the contrast and saturation in the foreground shadows a little bit, the second photo would be even better, in my opinion.

Best regards

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Thank you ScottO ! Here my second photo with a litte more contrast and saturation ! I think it is better ! What do you think ?


Yes, I think it’s better too. Nice work.

Prefer the warm light in the first. The second is more natural but like the warm.

I like the golden color tone in the first image.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Personnaly, i prefer the last one with the corrections !

You have an eye and a great talent for art - OUTSTANDING ARTWORK
I agree with you, the last one is the best.