Layers or stacks in studio

i made 2 different adjustments to a picture in studio, and would like to combine them using layers or stacks, but i cant figure out how. is there a way to do this , like multiply a black and white adjustment on top of a color picture, or do i have to go back into photoshop to combine them?
and if so, how do i do it? thanks

if you make your first adjustments then press apply

then using your original image make the second lot of adjustments and press apply to that as well

then you can drag and drop one of the applied image onto the other (or use the image adjustment to add one image on to the other) … you should then be able to change the blend mode to multiply or whatever either on the adjustment layer or using the overall blending controls

Hope that makes sense

Not really- but I was asking about the stand alone version, where there is no apply button

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I only use Topaz Studio as a stand alone.

The apply button is found in the pull down menu on the edge of the thumbnail of the image in the workspace section

Here’s a short video showing what I was trying to explain. I hope it might be what you were asking,

Cheers Sharon


Picking up a few good tips from your videos Sharon… thanks.