Layers Not Saved As Lr Plugin

I’m new to Topaz products. Running Topaz studio from Lightroom Classic “Edit in”. Here’s the workflow…

Select photo and apply LrC adjustments. Choose Edit in | Topaz Studio, then Edit Copy with Lightroom Adjustments. Apply a look. Accept the changes - Topaz Studio exits. I would expect my Topaz Studio change history (layers) to be saved into the .tif file, along with the raster changes themselves.

Now select the .tif file that resulted from the previous edit session. Select Edit in | Topaz Studio, then Edit Original. Note that I’ve made no changes whatsoever in LrC between Topaz Studio sessions. The previously-edited result shows up, but my change history (layers) are gone. It is as if I am starting fresh with the previously-edited photo.

If I do the same workflow with Photoshop, my layers are preserved from the last session, as long as I do no LrC adjustments in between. Is there a way to have Topaz Studio save my Topaz-Studio layers?

Topaz Studio will only save layers in its native format which you cannot read in LR, otherwise it renders and updates the image passed to it.

Thank you, Don. That’s quite a bit unusual, considering that several competitors do store layers in a .tif file.

All in all, so far I’ve found the Topaz products to be very useful to me, and I plan to continue using them as part of my workflow. That said, there are several issues in the area of layer storage (this issue) and also installation and update that tend to detract from the product or cause installation/update headaches on PC. The installation issues center around non-use of admin privileges when available to the user and storing user files in the user-specific areas when products are installed using admin privileges. Do you know if Topaz management is interested in descriptions of these issues? Thanks.

They certainly are, I would suggest that you raise a support request at the main Topaz Labs website outlining the problems you have experienced or are experiencing.