Latest Version of video AI keep crashing my Intel Imac

I have installed the latest version of video AI V3.3.5
However, every time i try to export or even attempt to see a preview the program just crashes my intel iMac, leaving me to either force reboot or wait until the system tells me it is having to reboot because of a problem

here is my system profile.
iMac Sys Info.spx (6.4 MB)

and the latest log file

2023-07-22-18-25-36-Main.tzlog (234.7 KB)

I have already deleted and reinstalled

Any suggestions?

I’d recommend trying these changes to the app’s settings:

Please open Topaz Video AI and select File > Preferences and lower your memory usage to 10% and enable low power mode. This will cause the app to run very slowly, however, if this stabilizes the app, you can raise the memory consumption until you find a balance between speed and stability.

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That seems to have done the trick, made the mistake of thinking I had plenty of ram and completely forgot the graphics card only has 8!

Many thanks for your help

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Great to hear everything is working as expected now :slight_smile:

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