Latest version of Topaz Photo AI 2.0.0 crashes during face recovery

I send it to Photo AI from lightroom, during the last operation, face recovery, then it crashes and jumps back to Lightroom with an unaltered Tiff file. System info below and use an RTX3060 vid card.

Chris Livingston


I am also having this issue.
Was editing a JPG exported from Lightroom, noticed I had 9 updates available as I hadn’t used Topaz in a while. Updated, and now it crashes during face recovery.
RTX 3080, i9-10900kf, and 32 gb of ram

2023-09-11-15-56-58.tzlog (94.9 KB)

I am also having this same exact issue and it wasn’t until after I applied the 3 new updates I had pending and now every time it crashes with face recovery. Windows 11, NVIDEA graphics card. It does the same thing in LrC and when I edit from Photoshop.

Since the upgrade to 2.0 the program keeps crashing.

Keeps crashing on me as well Win 11 AMD CPU, NVIDIA GPU

A mi también, me pasa, de vez en cuando se cierra inesperadamente

Yes, I can’t automatically process more than 5-10 TIFF images without it crashing. I have my preferences set to automatically pick the CPU or GPU. I have have forced it to GPU and it still does the same. Previously, I could run a batch of 1,000 images+ over night without issue. I’m Win 11 up-to date and have an NVIDIA 3090TI and 64GB.

Mine keeps crashing as well

Same problem. The stand alone program and the Photoshop plugin crashes using Nikon NEF format files. My system is Win 11, 32GB RAM, Nvida 3060ti graphics card with both system and driver software all up to date. It was working fine this morning, now crashes all the time. Now getting fed up.

There’s a bug with our Face Recovery model on certain Nvidia GPUs. We’ll release a fix to this in v.2.0.1 tomorrow. Please update when that’s available (around 6pm CT) and it should stop crashing.

There is a big problem with version 2.0. As soon as we add photos to rework, the application closes. Looks like she’s unstable. It didn’t do this with older versions

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I’ve experienced many crashes to desktop recovering multiple faces in version 2.0.0 as soon as I downloaded it.

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The program keeps closing in the latest update

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I’ve also had an issue with v2.0 closing unexpectedly after processing less than a handful of images, sometimes crashing on the first image. I love the new features but would like to revert back to the previous version. The work-around mitigation for me is opening up preferences and disabling Face Detection in Autopilot. It seems to crash when it perceives more than one face in the image.

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Like many photogs using Topaz, I have a HS football game to shoot under the lights Friday night. When can we expect to have the fix for the crashing?

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Photo AI 2.0 is always crashing, no matter if opening from Photoshop or stand alone. Especially when faces are in the pictures. Unusable like this. I never had this problem before. Please fix this bug qucikly!

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Same with me. Photo AI will process 2-5 photos then shut down with no error code.

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Crash very often… No error message. program almost unusable, very annoying… I have 32 gb Ram , RTX 3090 24gb

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Having the same problem after installing V2. Had no problem previously

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This was solved in the previous update but now that it is version 2. I crash everytime it trys to face recovery.